While moving to a new location is exciting for you as a business owner, it may also come with a period of uncertainty for your customers. With that in mind, keeping customers informed leading up to, during, and after your relocation will be an essential part of maintaining their trust and loyalty. 

In this blog, we’ll share a few tips for how to keep customers in the loop when you decide to move or relocate your business. 


Moving your business to a new location can be exciting, however, you will need to practice some discretion around when (and how) you share the news. Once you’ve decided to move or relocate, it’s generally best to keep things confidential early on. This is particularly important during the real estate elements of your transition, i.e. selling your existing bricks and mortar, finding a new space, and other similar parts of the process. 

While you will want to build that excitement among customers eventually, it’s best to iron out all the key details first. Keeping things on the down low allows you to avoid unnecessary panic and speculation among your customer base. If you aren’t careful, any leaks or rumours can lead to misunderstandings or miscommunications. 


As the foundation of your business, keeping staff informed will be just as important as communicating with customers. Moving is a big change, and your team will need time to process and adapt to the news. 

To make things easier, aim to provide your staff with ample notice before the move – while keeping in mind confidentiality and timelines. This allows them to prepare, both professionally and personally and is especially important if you’ll be relocating a significant distance away as it could impact certain team member’s ability to continue working with you. 

Your staff are on the front lines of customer communication. As customers may ask them questions about the move, you’ll want to provide training and clarity on how your team should best address questions when they come up.  

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When the time comes to get the word out about your move, it’s important to reach as much of your customer base as you can. Therefore, you should leverage every avenue you can to keep customers in the loop. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Social Media Updates 
  • Email Campaigns
  • Website Updates
  • Answering System Updates
  • On-site Signage
  • Staff Interactions

Create a schedule for sending updates and stick to it. Whether it’s a weekly newsletter or monthly progress reports, ensure your customers know when to expect information from you.

Along the way, you can create engaging content related to the move. Share the progress of your new location’s setup, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the move, and any special promotions or discounts you plan to offer when you reopen. This not only builds anticipation for the new location but also keeps your customers informed about when they can expect to visit your new space. 

Don’t forget to express gratitude for your customers’ support during the transition. After all, your relocation will impact them too. If you’re regularly active on your social channels, encourage your followers to ask questions, share their thoughts, and offer suggestions. This can help customers feel connected to your business while adjusting to the change. 

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Your website and social media profiles are powerful tools for keeping your customers engaged and informed. Think of them as digital storefronts. They are often the first places your customers will look for information about your move. So, you’ll want to ensure that your website and social profiles are updated regularly with the latest news about the relocation – both before and after your move. This includes any changes to your business hours, contact information, and the anticipated reopening date (when you’re ready to provide it).